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By the grace of God I am what I am: 
 1 Cor. 15:10a​
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Rejection of peers is high on the list, 
of the things in life that will never be missed.
So compromise is the mood of the hour,
bowing to fears and giving them power.

The words from another that appear oppressive,
run through our minds being very aggressive.
Controlled by the negatives we have collected,
we are moved by that fear of being rejected.

Pushed from without and pressured from within,
all personal goals are left in a spin.
Spinning and turning and gathering speed,
till our own thoughts we can't even read.

Left in confusion about life's direction,
you grope for the way o make a correction.
Seeking an anchor, some solid foundation,
someway to escape all self-condemnation.

Courage is sought from deep inside,
conviction to think, no thoughts to hide.
Cutting the pattern to style a new fashion,
whereby the thoughts are true to your passion.

A passion to strive for the goals you hold,
no fear of the negatives you have been told.
No obstacle encountered that can hinder the drive,
the path sweep clean as you untiringly strive.

Though others still seek to bind you to peers,
tying you down with threats and fears.
You steady your mind as you see the seduction,
realizing fears only bring destruction.

Building  a fence of peace to protect,
the thoughts that nurture your self-respect.
Not allowing the inner pressure to erode,
the peace that guards your passion road.

Staying your mind on the thought's of God,
trusting His words as this path you trod,
knowing His power to overcome all friction,
you go with your passion, your heart's conviction.
The Passion Road