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By the grace of God I am what I am: 
 1 Cor. 15:10a​
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Heavenly Prize
Gentle curves bound in the softest skin,
is not the perspective that will win.
For a woman is more than a body to hold,
her heart and mind you must also unfold.

Desiring her body as the ultimate prize,
is restricting life to the lust of the eyes.
And this is a foolish perspective indeed,
guaranteeing the relationship will not succeed.

For each woman alive is completely unique,
and I’m speaking of more than personal physique.
For all men must see more than by sight,
love being more than wine and moonlight.

For love is not bodies laying there nude,
and sex without marriage is no more than crude.
For she’s not a decoration laid bare in a room,
but rather a precious and priceless heirloom.

The thoughts of her heart she desires to share,
can instruct and teach you to walk with care.
Understanding and wisdom are hers to impart,
thoughts that will enlighten any man’s heart.

For a woman is a person much like you,
with knowledge, heart, and wisdom too.
Thoughts you must drink with an eager thirst,
with you her heart must always be first.

Then reaching forth with a tender touch,
your tenderness will show she means so much.
Side by side and hand in hand,
together in life you desire to stand.

Neither master nor slave but companions in love,
working together, not positioning to shove.
For love is a decision of heart and mind,
a commitment of giving to one of a kind.

Therefore, our love must be one of sharing,
based on respect and mutual caring.
For the heart of a woman is precious and wise,
and the love of a woman is a heavenly prize.