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By the grace of God I am what I am: 
 1 Cor. 15:10a​
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Freedom from Pride
Strong and hard, standing straight,
nothing can sway or intimidate.
For I am a man with my pride,
I cannot admit behind walls I hide.

I’ll speak of my knowledge and many facts,
of my glorious deeds and noble acts.
But of fears that plague my life,
of pain and emptiness and strife,
these I’ll not share nor even speak,
for in so doing I may appear weak.

Yes, I am strong and determined, I am a man.
Yet I’ll be damned, I just don’t understand.
Is it wrong for me to shed a tear?
Why does meekness make me fear?
And why is compassion so hard to show?
Is it a weakness? I don’t know?

I’ve read of a man with a tender touch,
who walked in compassion and it wasn’t a crutch.
He was strong and stood as a man,
yet he was caring and had a gentle hand.
He understood hearts without being weak,
he stood as a man, yet he was meek.

Perhaps my answers lie in his walk,
can I follow or will I balk?
Can I become his protégé,
letting his life show me the way,
to stand as a man with a loving heart,
to be strong, yet with compassion to impart.

Will others laugh and make fun of me,
if I follow the Jesus of Galilee?
I want to be whole this is for sure,
a man of strength with a heart that’s pure.
Yes, I’ll follow this Jesus and start to live,
a life that is filled with something to give.

A life that is worthy of my Father above,
a life that is filled with unending love.
I’ll walk as that man from Galilee,
and not some macho facsimile.
I’ll break the chains of this heavy pride,
I’ll open my heart that God purified.

It matters not what the world may speak,
I’ll be like Jesus and that isn’t weak.
For in a world of men he stands at the peak,
a man among men, he was truly unique.