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By the grace of God I am what I am: 
 1 Cor. 15:10a​
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For You

For you, only the best will do,
for you are the best and deserve to
have the riches in this world.
And this is my prayer for you,
that you are showered with the most
precious gems in any life.

On this day and in all the days to come,
may the greatest wealth be yours.
Not the gems and riches of the world,
but the gems and riches of the heart.
For gold and silver come forth wanting
when weighed in the balances
with peace, joy, and love.

For who can give the wealth of inner peace?
And what gold is the equal of a mind
and heart at peace with its master?
Or can silver replace the calmness or
the gentle quietness that flows within.

And what is the value of love?
Is there enough wealth in this world to 
take the place of loving someone
and being loved by someone?

And what price can be put to
a loving friendship?

What has the world that can be 
compared to peace, joy, and love?

True wealth lies in having the riches of the heart.
Within you is the key to a beautiful and rich life…
Within your heart there is love…
and within my heart, love
for you.