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By the grace of God I am what I am: 
 1 Cor. 15:10a​
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Archives II
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If you are not sure when God is speaking to you verses speaking to the guy standing next to you, how will you KNOW what God has asked you to do?

Someone said you need to be circumcised, someone else said you need to be baptized in water, another said baptized in spirit, another said it is about confession...wouldn't it be great to actually KNOW!
The book of Acts covers approximately 35 years, from ten days before the feast day of Pentecost in 27 A.D. until Paul is released from his first imprisonment in Rome around 62 A.D. Acts covers the Ascension of Jesus Christ, appointing an apostle to replace Judas, the opening of the Revealing Administration, Israel being held in abeyance, God pronouncing judgment, the transition into the Grace Administration, miracles and wonderous acts, and details for many other events recorded in its pages.
The teaching series entitled Mechanics of the Mind was designed to give the reader a better understanding of what God says in His Word concerning the area of Renewed Mind.

The teachings are best understood if received in the order in which they were presented. The left column is in chronological order of presentation.

Understanding what transpired in the Garden of Eden is of the utmost importance if we ever hope to come to an understanding of the salvation God has presented to mankind in our day and time.

The Bible does not consist of myths and stories made up to scare people into submission. It is an account of love and betrayal; of grace and greed; of mercy and injustice; of encouragement and oppression; of compassion and hardness; of humility and arrogance.